Trauma Informed Care and Recovery Services Project

Funded By: Meyer Memorial Trust, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, City of Portland Children’s Levy, and The Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon


Project Dates: 1/1/2011 - 12/31/2013

Project Information

The Trauma Recovery Services/Trauma Informed Care Initiative is aimed at improving the safety, stability, and wellbeing of high need formerly homeless families and families at risk of homelessness by embedding trauma recovery services and trauma informed practice in housing communities that serve these families.  The program, which builds on work already underway in Multnomah County, centers on a group-based psycho-educational intervention for women who have experienced trauma and who report mental health or/or substance abuse challenges.  The intervention assists parents to understand and manage their own stress, affect and behavior, to see how prior events may be related to current circumstances, and to make safer, healthier choices in relationships.  Case management is included for all participants to integrate group work with resident services at the housing sites and to link children and parents with needed community-based services and supports.

In addition to direct services to families, the project will bring partners in housing and related service systems together for training, information sharing, joint problem solving, and strategic planning.   The goal is to create a fully trauma-informed housing system in which policies and practices have been aligned to more effectively promote the long-term stability and safety of all residents.  Our key partners in this project, Impact Northwest and Catholic Charities, provide housing and services for high need families.  These partners have come together with PSU to initiate this effort and have begun an agency-wide self-assessment process as the first step in identifying training needs and potential key changes in policy and practice.

Beyond housing communities, project goals include raising awareness of the impact of trauma and the importance of trauma informed care we are convening partners across adult and family serving systems: community mental health, addictions, law enforcement, the courts, child welfare, and others.  The goal is to see trauma informed practice and policy institutionalized across the systems that serve our most vulnerable families.

Project Contacts:
Diane K. Yatchmenoff, Ph.D.  As Project Director, Dr. Yatchmenoff will provide leadership and oversight for all aspects of the project, with primary responsibility for fiscal, administrative and personnel issues, systems change efforts, and design and implementation of the evaluation component. 
Dr. Yatchmenoff is Assistant Director at the Regional Research Institute for Human Services at Portland State University with more than 20 years’ experience conducting research and evaluation in collaboration with local, regional, and federal partners. Dr. Yatchmenoff currently leads a number of studies at the RRI, including evaluation of the regional Bridges to Housing initiative for homeless families. In addition, Dr. Yatchmenoff has recently provided consultation services to the state of Hawaii Child Welfare System and to the Multnomah County Family Involvement Team, which assists DHS-involved families to access treatment for substance abuse. Her experience includes evaluating a home-visiting program for the Children’s Trust Fund in Madison Wisconsin and more than five years experience evaluating prevention programs for the Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon. She has a strong quantitative research methods background. You can contact Dr. Yatchmenoff at:

Mandy Davis, LCSW.  Ms. Davis is Project Manager and Clinical Supervisor, with primary responsibility for training, coordination and implementation of TREM, providing clinical supervision and monitoring fidelity.  She will also support data collection and evaluation. 

Ms. Davis’ expertise is in the field of trauma with an emphasis on interpersonal trauma. Ms. Davis has been trained in the TREM model and has over 15 years providing services to survivors of trauma and training organizations and communities about trauma informed services.  In addition to her clinical expertise Ms. Davis is a doctoral candidate and has managed research projects for the past 9 years including research related to child abuse and sexual assault prevention. Ms. Davis was the lead evaluator for a project piloting TREM in a rural out-patient setting in Astoria, Oregon from 2005-2007.   You can contact Ms. Davis at:


Articles and Awards:
2011 Civic Engagement Award for Excellence in Community-Based Research